A TOSIZE Furniture custom cabinet as a TV cabinet, by Charles

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In this DIY project, Charles shares his experience in designing a custom TV cabinet with the 3D configurator from TOSIZE Furniture. He chose to put the furniture on legs so that it appears as if it is floating. This custom cabinet was designed, assembled and painted in-house. Read more about Charles' experience below.

Description by Charles

We wanted a floating TV cabinet that fit exactly between the wall and a protruding beam layer. However, during installation we read that the cabinets were not suitable for hanging. We were able to solve this by purchasing some adjustable feet from Praxis. These are almost invisible and function well.

How I made this project

I built the cupboard on 5 blocks of 12.5 cm high. These were located where the standing walls were attached at the bottom and top. By attaching the side walls to the wall with 2 screws each, the cabinet remained firmly in place. When removing the blocks, the cabinet appeared to sag slightly. That's why I placed 3 more adjustable feet under the cabinet and tensioned them. We enjoy this beautiful piece of furniture every day.

Dimensions of my DIY project

331.0 cm
40.0 cm
36.0 cm


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How next?

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