Create sustainable elegance with concrete plywood flower boxes on an even concrete slab, by Martin

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Build your own custom concrete plex flower boxes

Concrete plex flower boxes are the trend for both small and large outdoor spaces. This inspirational project, carried out by Martin, shows the power of customization and strength through the use of Betonplex Birch Dark Brown 21 mm panels. The elegant and sleekly designed flower boxes that Martin has created show how you can give a distinctive look to your garden or balcony by leveling a concrete slab and the right material.

The construction and design

Martin started this project with a smooth concrete slab as a base, which provides a solid surface. On top of this plate he constructed the flower boxes with concrete plywood panels carefully sawn to size by The result: robust flower boxes with a sleek design, the dark brown color offers a warm and rich appearance, resulting in a harmonious whole with the gray concrete slabs.

The perfect addition to a balcony

These flower boxes look great on the balcony, where they offer both functionality and visual appeal. This gives the balcony a lively and luxurious appearance, making it an ideal place to relax.

Benefits of building your own flower boxes

Building flower boxes yourself, as Martin did, offers many advantages. The ability to adjust the dimensions gives a lot of freedom in design. Choosing materials yourself and adapting to the available budget make this project accessible and personal.

The style of the project

This project reflects a modern, minimalist style with an industrial touch , ideal for lovers of clean lines and durable materials.

Betonplex as an ideal type of wood

Betonplex Birch Dark Brown as a material offers unique advantages for outdoor use. It is weather resistant and easy to maintain, while the aesthetic dark brown finish gives a luxurious feel to the end result.

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