Custom white door frame between hall and living room, by Matthias

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A fresh transition: the white door frame from Matthias

Are you looking for inspiration to give that transition between hall and living space that extra touch? Then look at Matthias' project, where a fresh white door frame not only proves to be practical, but is also a visual highlight in your interior. This DIY project, custom made with the materials from, shows that with the right choices you can create a unique style that fits well in your living room, kitchen or anywhere else in your home. /p>

Custom made for perfection

Matthias chose MDF Primed 18 mm wood type for his door frame. This material allowed him to work with precision and adapt the dimensions to the existing structures of his house. The fresh white color provides a sleek and modern appearance, which contributes excellently to the light and open atmosphere of the adjacent spaces. Moreover, it provides a transition from the hall to the living room.

The construction of a striking entrance

The Matthias door frame functions as an inviting entrance to the living areas. He paid careful attention to the finishing along the edges and the embedding in the wall. The subtle but important details, such as the even seams and the careful placement of the hinges, make the door frame a remarkable element in the house.

Benefits of DIY with

Matthias' Choosing to do it himself gave him the flexibility to choose the exact sizes needed for his project. This is the freedom you get when you choose DIY with Furthermore, by building it himself, Matthias was able to manage his budget in the most effective way and thus save costs without sacrificing quality or style.

Stylish down to the last detail

With Once the project is completed, the door frame exudes minimalist elegance, a style that conquers many hearts. It is a perfect example of how simplicity with precision can lead to a result with great visual impact.

MDF Primed, the reliable choice

MDF Primed was the ideal wood type for this project. The type of wood is praised for its strength and smooth surface. Furthermore, Primed MDF is easy to paint and has a high degree of machinability, perfect for creating a sleek white finished door frame that will last for years.

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How next?

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