DIY sleeping box for cats with extra seating, by Chantal

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Creative DIY project: Sleeping box for cats with extra seating space

Are you looking for a way to enrich your interior and at the same time give your beloved pet its own place? Inspire yourself with this unique DIY project, which creates a multifunctional sleeping box for cats that also functions as an extra seat. Read on and discover how you can create a beautiful and heated sleeping place for your cats with carefully cut to size wood from }}.

The construction of the sleeping box

This cozy sleeping furniture for cats is designed to be both creative and practical. Made from Plywood Interior Poplar Primed 18mm, this crate provides a comfortable and stylish resting place for your pet. The box has a well-thought-out construction with a soft cushion on top, which also provides an extra seat in the room.

Unique details and finish

What makes this project unique are the custom cut openings and the detailed image of a stretching cat, accompanied by cheerful butterflies, which are applied to the sides of the sleeping box. With a soothing color palette of beige and white, this sleeping chest adds a harmonious element to any living room or bedroom.

Placement in the living room

Due to its compact size and sleek design, this sleeping chest fits perfect in the living room next to other furniture or an elegant plant. It is not only a comfortable place for your cat, but also a stylish addition to your home.

Benefits of making it yourself

You have complete freedom when making this sleeping box yourself. to adjust the dimensions and choice of materials to your wishes. This ensures that it fits perfectly with your interior and budget. And thanks to the pre-primed finish of the plywood used, you can immediately start painting or applying further decorations if desired.

Stylish and functional finish

This project realized by C excels in minimalist beauty and functionality. The choice of a soft cushion on top makes it an attractive seating area that can hardly be distinguished from other furniture.

Plywood Interior Poplar Primed 18 mm

The used Multiplex Interior Poplar Primed 18 mm has been an excellent choice for this project. It provides a smooth surface for a perfect finish to the artwork and is also lightweight, making the furniture easy to move. Furthermore, this material is durable and long lasting, providing a lasting resting place for your feline friends.

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