Homemade TV cabinet from Multiplex Hardwood, by Gertjan

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3 minutes

Gertjan has made a TV cabinet himself from custom-sawn Multiplex Hardwood. Curious about the result? Then read on!

Gertjan's TV cabinet

Do you have a self-made TV cabinet on your to-do list? Be inspired by Gertjan! He made a TV cabinet from Multiplex Hardwood. For this he had all parts cut to size at TOSIZE.fi. After installation and a good, black finish, this is the result. Nice! Gertjan designed this piece of furniture himself and made a cutting list for it himself. You can also easily do this yourself. How? Here are a number of things you can pay attention to:

  • Always draw out your furniture first, then you know exactly which parts you need.
  • Always think carefully about where you want to install your furniture. This is not only important for the dimensions of your furniture, but can also be an important factor for choosing the right panel material.
  • Do the edges still need to be finished? Sheet material can have sharp edges. For the safety and quality of your furniture, it is therefore useful to have the end edges finished. There are many possibilities so consider in advance what you want to do with the ends. /li>
  • How are you going to assemble your furniture and do you have everything for it? If you still need accessories you can order them right away.
  • How to do you finish the furniture? Are you going for a transparent layer of lacquer? Or do you give the material a color?

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Working with Multiplex Hardwood

Before you start working with hardwood plywood, there are a number of things that are useful to know. Plywood Hardwood is a plywood variant made from tropical hardwood. Plywood is made of multiple thin (veneer) layers of wood. To strengthen the strength of the material, these layers are glued crosswise. The hardwood used during this process is very hard, hence the name, so there are fewer layers with this variant than with other plywood variants. As a result, plywood hardwood can only be used in dry and damp indoor areas, although hardwood itself can withstand moisture relatively well.

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Order a custom-made TV cabinet

Do you also want a self-designed TV cabinet, but you are not like that? a handyman? Then order a custom TV cabinet with our custom configurator! We package these parts as one package that includes all screws and other accessories, together with a manual. You can easily slide all the parts together at home, all you need to do is screw in for extra strength. If you have doors, drawers or flaps in your cupboard, all parts are already mounted, making it easy to click them into place. This way everyone can design and make a piece of furniture!

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How next?

Want to make this DIY project? Check out Gertjan's saw list and complete your order easily.

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