Make a unique television cabinet from concrete plywood: DIY Inspiration with Bianca's design, by Bianca

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3 minutes

Unique television cabinet made of concrete plywood

Are you looking for inspiration for a stylish and unique DIY interior project? Then take a look at this beautiful example of a custom-designed television cabinet created by Bianca. This homemade piece of furniture combines functionality with a modern and sleek design, and shows how creative you can be with materials such as concrete plywood.

Own design and realization

Bianca has managed this project from start to finish. designed and implemented by ourselves. The custom-sawn Betonplex Eucalyptus panels were supplied by, after which Bianca assembled the television cabinet herself. The unique design with rounded corners and the elegant dark brown color of the 18 mm thick concrete plywood create a striking piece of furniture in the living room.

Perfect addition to the living room

The television cabinet is prominently displayed in the living room. living room, a place where everyday life takes place and where style and comfort come together. The cabinet fits perfectly with the modern interior and, in addition to a place for the television, also offers space for decorative objects such as a stylish vase and plants. This project emphasizes how a self-made piece of furniture can enrich your interior.

Advantages of making it yourself

One of the biggest advantages of making your own television cabinet is the ability to completely customize the dimensions to your liking. determine. You are not limited to standard sizes, so the cabinet fits seamlessly into your living space. In addition, you have the freedom to choose materials that meet your style and quality requirements, and you can be creative in the design. Moreover, building it yourself is often cheaper than buying mass-produced furniture.

A stylish and practical design

The homemade concrete plywood television cabinet exudes a contemporary charm thanks to the choice of dark brown concrete plywood, which has a warm and luxurious appearance. The minimalist lines and the contrasting color of the visible concrete plywood edges contribute to the modern look of the whole. It is a wonderful example of how a homemade item can be both practical and stylish.

The benefits of concrete plywood eucalyptus

Betonplex Eucalyptus Dark Brown is an excellent choice for a television cabinet. The material is not only strong and durable, but also easy to machine. The dark brown color gives the furniture a sturdy, yet refined look that fits in with many modern interiors. Furthermore, the smooth surface of the concrete plywood is easy to keep clean, which ensures a maintenance-friendly finish for your designer furniture.

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