Make your own stylish living room TV cabinet white, by Tom

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Create your own unique TV cabinet

Are you looking for a way to give your living room a fresh and modern look? Then look no further than this inspirational project by Tom. Tom has created his own perfect living room TV cabinet in white, and shows how you can do this too with the help of!

Inspiration and structure of the project

This beautiful TV cabinet is more than just a place to place your TV. It is a statement piece that transforms your living room into a stylish and functional area. With its clean lines and white finish, the furniture fits perfectly in a modern living room and offers both aesthetics and functionality.

Tom's project started with a series of custom-sawn wood from Organized and ready for assembly, these pieces provide a foundation that is both solid and adaptable. Each shelf and side panel was precisely drilled and prepared, making assembly at home a lot easier.

The unique features

What makes Tom's TV cabinet so special are the subtly built-in details. The cabinet is not only white, which provides a clear and spacious appearance, but also has various storage compartments and shelves for an organized and tidy appearance. These compartments have a smart layout, perfect for placing audio equipment, books and decorative items.

A perfect addition to your living room

This TV cabinet is located in the living room, which the ideal place because of its central location and versatility. The furniture not only serves as an entertainment center, but also acts as a stylish divider that gives the room a sense of structure.

Why make your own TV cabinet?

Build your own TV cabinet Making furniture as Tom has done offers you flexibility in dimensions and choice of materials. You create a unique piece that fits perfectly with your personal style and living room decor. It is also a smart move from a budget perspective; you save costs by rolling up your sleeves yourself.

The style of the project

Tom's TV cabinet exudes a modern and minimalist style that fits seamlessly with contemporary trends. The white color provides a fresh look and the clean lines of the construction emphasize the minimalist design philosophy.

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How next?

Would you like to make this DIY project? This furniture is from our TOSIZE Furniture line. Create your personal custom-made furniture via our 3D configurator and receive it as a simple kit.

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