Shelving unit made of plywood in matt black color, by Dennis

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A compartment cabinet with 11 open compartments and 4 compartments with internal cabinet doors.
There is also an LED strip milled into all open compartments, which is mounted in a black profile.

DIY shelving unit made of plywood

Because the planks were delivered accurately sawn to the mm, it was relatively easy for me to screw together on the cabinet.
only the outer uprights and the uprights I sawn the top compartments myself to make them fit between the floor and ceiling.

I milled an LED profile into the shelves to subtly illuminate the compartments.

The cabinet doors are equipped with a soft-close mechanism with a push to open system to make handle-less possible.

The entire cabinet is painted with Matt black paint from Sigma in Rall color 9005.

h3>The dimensions of the cabinet

239.8 high, 217.6 wide, 35.0 cm deep

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