Sideboard with TOSIZE Furniture in black oak furniture panel, by Ivonne

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Description by Ivonne

By ordering two cabinets in a different depth, I made a sideboard. I placed the two cabinets on top of each other, so that it becomes one whole. I removed the bottom beam of the top cupboard by copying the holes in the deeper cupboard. This is not necessary (you can also leave a double border), but I enjoyed experimenting with it. The cupboard looks great against the wall with the graphic wallpaper!

How I made this project

I started by making a design in one depth. This gave me a good overview of what the cabinet would ultimately look like and I was sure that the dimensions were correct. When I was satisfied, I took a screenshot and rebuilt the cabinet in the configurator in two parts: the lower, deeper part and the upper, less deep part. For the upper part I added the thickness of the plank (3 cm) to the height, because I was going to remove this plank. This way the height will ultimately be right again. When everything was inside, first put all the shelves in order and separated the two cabinets. Then we started building the lower (deeper) cupboard. Ensured that the bottom beams were properly level. Then the bottom beams of the second cupboard were properly secured with tape, so that it could not slide. Measured the depth of the holes and marked them on the drill so I knew when to stop. All holes were copied and then the bottom beams were removed. Further built up with the rest of the shallow cabinet. Despite taping the beams, it turned out that some holes were still slightly crooked. In this case I did not place the dowel so that I could continue building the cabinet. In the end, everything fit well and the cabinet was assembled in about half a day! The advantage of black oak is that it no longer needs to be painted and we could style immediately.

Dimensions of my DIY project

Height: 260.0 cm Width: 250.0 cm Depth: 45.0 / 30.0 cm

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