This extremely strong material which is also known as Lexan, Lexane or Makrolon is about 250 times stronger and more impact-resistant than glass. Did you know that polycarbonaat is resistant to many (chemical) agents such as fats, oils and petrol? A real powerhouse for good reason. It is therefore also widely used in 'lout-proof' situations. But don't be fooled, because the material is not particularly hard, it is very scratch-sensitive. It is also important to realise that this material quickly shrinks or expands with temperature changes. In terms of thickness, though, this material is very dimensionally stable.

What DIY projects are ideal to make with polycarbonate? Protective glass, terrace partitions, mudguards, protection at high speeds such as along a racing or go-kart track or as a substitute for glass. But you can also think of sales stands, various festival applications, bus shelters and in places with a lot of vandalism or burglary attempts. Its high brightness and UV protection make it ideal for many applications. Below, lots more inspiration for your next DIY project with polycarbonate.

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