The available thicknesses of board

The available thicknesses of board are limited. Board is a material that comes in a relatively standard thickness. However, there are also various designs to choose from when you want to get started with board. At, you can buy various types and sizes of board. In addition, there are different colours of board available. Of course, we can saw the board to size for you, so that you can get started right away. Are you unsure which of the two available board thicknesses is the best choice for you? Then feel free to contact us. We can advise you in making your choice, based on your project.

What board thicknesses are available?

As we have indicated, the choice is not very versatile when it comes to the available thicknesses of board. The board material is relatively standard when it comes to thickness. This is also reflected in the minimal difference between the two available board thicknesses.

The thickness of the board depends on the type of board:

  • Hardboard is 3 millimetres thick
  • Lacquerboard is 3 millimetres thick
  • Softboard can be from 8 millimetres to 30 millimetres thick

Buy various types of board

At you can not only buy different available thicknesses of board, but you can also buy different variants of the board material. Within our online range, you will find the most diverse types of board material. Do you want to work with board? Then you can choose hardboard or softboard. We can saw the hardboard and softboard boards to size for you. This also applies to the other variant within our range, namely lacquerboard. You also have the choice of several colours. First of all, you can choose brown board, but the colour white is also available in our range. You can order the desired variant in the right available thickness from us. Within the ordering process, you can give us the desired dimensions and we will saw everything to size. It doesn't get any easier than this.

The available thicknesses of board all fall under fibreboards

The available board thicknesses that can be ordered from us do not affect the material itself. Board is a fibre board. This means that the boards consist of compressed wood fibres. This applies to all available board thicknesses. During the production process, the wood fibres are wetted and then compressed. This is how a board is finally made. No glue is added to the product during the pressing process. However, the production process is adapted to the thickness of the board. Board boards are therefore in all cases 100 per cent fibre boards. Several types of board fall under fibre boards, including the popular MDF. Fibreboards are especially known for their good machinability.

Board is intended for indoor use only

You can work with board for a wide variety of projects. It is an excellent material that is easy to work with. However, you should bear in mind that you can only use board indoors, in dry rooms. Board boards are fibre boards. As said, these consist of wood fibres that are pressed together. This creates a strong whole, but this strength is lost when the board material comes into contact with water or moisture. Do you use the boards untreated outdoors or in a damp room indoors? Then the fibre boards quickly lose their quality.

What is board used for?

Board can be used for a wide variety of applications. For example, hardboard is often used for wall seals and covers. It is therefore obvious that hardboard is harder and stronger than softboard. This makes hardboard an excellent choice if you want to work with a harder board material of good quality. You can also use it, for example, for a back wall in a cupboard. In other cases it is wise to choose softboard, for example for making a good underlay. More and more people are opting for softboard boards to create a subfloor, certainly in flats. This has everything to do with the excellent insulating effect of softwood boards.

Board is a 100 per cent natural product

Sustainability plays an increasingly important role. We pay more attention to working sustainably and to making earth- and environment-conscious choices. If you are looking for a board material that fits in well with this idea, board is a good choice. After all, board is a 100 per cent natural product. During the production process, no harmful substances are added to the material. The wood fibres used for the production of board are also responsible. This means that board is provided with the well-known FSC quality mark. It is a sustainable and natural material to work with responsibly and consciously.

Choose from the available board thicknesses

Do you want to buy board to start a fun job? Then order your board at Choose online from the available board thicknesses and place your order. We will make sure that the boards are sawn to size for you and that they are delivered to your address. Do you need advice on choosing from the available board thicknesses? Then contact us without obligation. We will be pleased to help you.

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