A beautiful wall cupboard made of beech carpentry panels, by Kees

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2 minutes

In this DIY project, Kees shows how he made a truly beautiful wall cupboard himself (without experience). For this piece of furniture he opted for custom-sawn beech carpentry panels in combination with MDF beech veneer panels. Read more about his approach and experience below.

Description of Kees

For all our novels and to give our LPs a new life, I have a wall cabinet made of beech wood. The cupboard is on the short side of a long dining table, which is also made of beech wood and despite the fact that I had no experience with processing beech wood and that beech wood can easily warp, I opted for beech carpentry panels with the exception of the 3 MDF beech veneered sliding doors. The base cabinet offers space to store everything behind 3 sliding doors.

How I made this project

The cabinet is made of beech wood panels C/C 19 mm and in Made 2 parts: first the lower cabinet and then the upper cabinet. The (book) shelves are in principle loose on support pins. To make the upper cabinet sufficiently sturdy and able to lift it onto the lower cabinet, 6 shelves have been screwed into the side walls. The back wall of 4 mm MDF veneered beech is made in 3 parts so as not to have a seam in the most visible part where the music equipment is located. The 3 sliding doors of veneered MDF are made with a hanging sliding system (Storemax H-20).

Dimensions of my DIY project

Width 234.0 cm
High 246.0 cm
Deep: base cabinet 45.0 cm (shelves 35.0) and top cabinet 30 .0 (boards 30.0)

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How next?

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