Wall shelf

Looking for a nice wall shelf? You can make the best shelf yourself! And with our sawn wood it is easier than ever. Do you want a sleek wall shelf in a cool colour? Then order a made-to-measure board from MDF that you can then paint in any colour you like. Looking for a wooden shelf? Then a made-to-measure solid wood shelf is a great place to start.

Wooden wall board

A DIY customised wooden wall shelf adds a natural feel to any room. Making a wooden wall shelf is also not a very complex job. You can choose from different types of wood. Pine and spruce are the most common wood types when it comes to wooden wall shelves. If you want to go for a high-quality look you can choose a wall shelf made of oak. When you have chosen a wood species you can choose whether you want to lacquer or stain the wood and whether you want to colour the wood or leave it as it is. Need inspiration? See below for DIY projects on how to make wall shelves.

Wall shelves in different styles

Wall shelves can be made in different styles. Would you like a sleek, minimalist wall shelf? Then MDF is a good option. MDF is easy to work with and can be painted evenly. Do you want a wall shelf for the children's room? Then a natural look or a nice colour is more appropriate. You can then go for pinewood or plywood, which you can then paint or varnish.

The fixing of the self-made wall shelves can also be done in different styles. A popular choice is to make wooden wall shelves with leather straps that are used to fix the whole thing. Traditional brackets can also be found in many different styles these days. Making a wall shelf without visible fasteners is also a possibility, in which case you could opt for a floating wall shelf. Which style do you choose?

Create a floating wall shelf

Would you like to make a floating wall shelf? You can! You can make a floating shelf in different styles and different ways. An important point to consider is how to guarantee the sturdiness of the shelf. By securing the wall shelf properly you ensure that the shelf will not hang or break off. Sandra has a creative solution and useful tips. You can read more about it on her blog.


What kind of wall shelf do you make? Get inspired by our projects below and get to work!