A unique custom cabinet wall made from existing IKEA cabinets and sawn MDF panels, by Anton

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2 minutes

In this DIY project, Anton shows how he made a truly unique cupboard wall. By combining existing and existing (IKEA) cabinets with custom-sawn MDF panels. 

Description by Anton

A new cupboard wall for books and beautiful objects that deserve a place in the living room. The combination is made up of an old cupboard, cupboards from Ikea and painted MDF shelves.

How I made this project

The idea for a new cupboard arose when the cleaning and decluttering started early 2023. All cupboards in the entire house were first emptied, then taken apart and placed in the canopy. The books, beautiful objects, folders and everything in the cupboards scattered throughout the house have been collected and placed together by subject. Only then do you realize how much stuff is (secretly) collected over the years. Just the number of photo frames that were in a pile at the time... the decision was made that only things that deserve a place will be given a place in the new cupboard. Searched Pinterest for inspiration and the cupboard has become a place for precious and useful books (resi guides, cookbooks, etc.) and beautiful objects. The combination of old cupboard/Ikea/MDF shelves was devised one evening at the dining room table with a lot of drawing, cutting and pasting. The final result is even more beautiful than we expected and we are very satisfied with our new unique cupboard.

Dimensions of my DIY project

The cupboard on the short wall is 56.0 cm The shelf above the window is 104.0 cm. The cupboard on the long wall is 234.0 cm.

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How next?

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