Bookcase for the study with lots of books! By Jac

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I initially had considerable doubts as to whether I would be able to achieve this in order to provide an entire study room with bookcases along three walls. After some research it turned out that cutting all the required material to size could be done by Ready-made and tailor-made for you down to the millimeter, and that too for a reasonable price!

How do you make your own bookcase?

Material used by me: a href="">MDF Lacquer Carrier 18mm. I assembled the first piece entirely with dowels. Quite a hassle because each plank actually has a unique place.
I made the second order entirely with lamellos. Then you can mill all the shelves at once, followed by all the vertical parts and you are not so tied to a fixed location. I liked this the most. Everything was then sanded and painted, but the result is impressive!

A custom bookcase

Wall 1: 2850 x 2600 x 400mm

Wall 2: 4850 x 2600 x 250mm

Wall 3: 2850 x 2600 x 400mm

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