Creative with Multiplex: bookcase on wheels and hall cupboard for shoes, by Lennart

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Inspiration for your own bookcase on wheels and hallway cupboard for shoes

Are you looking for unique and practical DIY inspiration for your home? Discover how Lennart created a bookcase on wheels and a hallway cupboard for shoes using plywood. This project is not only visually attractive but also extremely functional, perfect for the modern home.

The structure and material

Lennart used custom-sawn plywood for his project, carefully by Plywood Interior Poplar B/BB in thicknesses of 9 mm and 12 mm form the basis of these timeless creations. This type of wood is known for its smooth surface and uniform color, which promotes a sleek and modern appearance.

The bookcase on wheels is designed to be easily moved, providing flexibility in any space. Thanks to the addition of sturdy wheels, Lennart can easily reposition the cabinet for a new look or to make space. The hall cupboard has several compartments for shoes, creating order and structure in the hall.

A unique design in detail

Both pieces of furniture catch the eye due to the precise finish and the well-thought-out design. The neutral color of the plywood fits almost any interior. Special details such as the clean lines and the minimalist design make these cabinets unique eye-catchers in the room.

Practical placement in the home

The bookcase has found its place in the living room, a space where functionality and style go hand in hand. This cabinet blends in with the home library and offers both aesthetic and practical added value. The hall cupboard for shoes is perfectly positioned in the hall, where daily convenience is immediately noticeable upon entering.

The benefits of making it yourself

By getting started on this project yourself you enjoy unlimited possibilities. You determine the dimensions yourself, choose the material and adjust the style to your liking. Making these cabinets yourself also provides an attractive budget-friendly solution, compared to often pricey alternatives.

The style of the project

Lennart has chosen a Scandinavian style that is known for minimalism, functionality and the use of light wood tones. The timeless look is versatile and easy to combine with other interior elements. Moreover, the Scandinavian design philosophy is extremely popular and is appreciated worldwide for its simplicity and elegance.

Benefits of Plywood Interior Poplar B/BB 9 mm

This type of plywood is ideal for interior projects because its light weight and easy machinability. The subtle color and texture give a natural look that adds warmth to any interior.

Advantages of Multiplex Interior Poplar B/BB 12 mm

With a slightly greater thickness, this plywood sheet offers extra sturdiness for projects that are subject to greater loads. Just like the 9mm plate, the 12mm plate also has a consistent and attractive appearance, perfect for the DIY enthusiast getting started

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