Custom bookcases by De Eyk assembly Maintenance

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4x bookcases made of 30mm MDF, most of it doweled and screwed.
Have everything neatly sawn to size and partly have the edges processed by

Mini custom library

Our customer came up with the cabinets, dimensions and layout himself. To give a more robust look, we opted for MDF of 30 mm .
There are four double bookcases with different layouts on both sides. So actually 8 cabinets. They had to be placed perpendicular to a long wall, creating a kind of walk-in library.
I was able to prepare the cabinets in the customer's spacious garage, make a layout, measure, dowels and then assemble them as a kit in the living room , sanding, priming and finishing. Wooden panels will be added to the ends of the cabinets, which are the same as the wood in the kitchen. (are still on order).

The dimensions of the cabinets

The cabinets are high: 244.0 cm, wide: 100.0 cm, deep: 60.0 cm.

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