Custom-made plywood hexagon panels as decoration for the hallway, by Joanneke

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Very easy

2 minutes

In addition to standard sawing, you can also choose various shapes in the configurator. In this DIY project, Joanneke shows how she used plywood hexagon panels to create beautiful and unique decoration for her home. You can choose from many materials and shapes to get started on your project yourself. We do the difficult sawing and milling work.

Description by Joanneke

I have made decorations for my house in my hallway in front of the bathroom and toilet doors. I mounted 2 large hexagons on the doors and painted them in the same color as the walls around them.

How I made this project

I bought wooden hexagons from this webshop: shape Polygon - Diameter 50.0 cm, Diameter 50.0, Number of sides 6 ordered (exact size - top). I 'wrapped' these hexagons; with wallpaper using wallpaper paste. I chose wallpaper that you can paint over, so I could use the same paint as the walls to paint these hexagons. Here I then drew out the words and painted around them. I hung the hexagons using a high tack kit.

Dimensions of my DIY project

Diameter 50.0 cm with 6 sides ordered. The size may have increased slightly due to the thickness of the wallpaper, but that seems negligible to me.

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