DIY Making sliding doors for the kitchen with MDF, by Paul

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2 minutes

Enrich your kitchen with homemade MDF sliding doors

Are you looking for a practical and stylish solution to modernize your kitchen cabinets? Be inspired by Paul's DIY project, who gave his kitchen a fresh look by installing sliding doors using custom-sawn 12mm MDF.

Perfect fit with MDF sliding doors

When Paul decided to give his kitchen a makeover, he opted for sliding doors to close off the existing open cupboards. By choosing 12mm MDF, he has created sliding doors that are not only functional, but also contribute to the aesthetics of the room. The MDF material, neatly primed and ready for use, offers a seamless and sleek finish that is in harmony with the interior.

A DIY project with an eye for detail

The sliding doors that Paul have placed are not only practical to use, but also stand out for their simple beauty and attention to detail. The color fits seamlessly with the rest of the kitchen and the handles give the doors a modern and accessible look. The use of 12mm MDF primed wood, and the quality of's custom work, makes it a showpiece that Paul can proudly present.

Why sliding doors in the kitchen are ideal are

Sliding doors are a smart choice in the kitchen, especially when space is limited. They do not take up extra space when opening and closing, which improves accessibility and ease of use. In addition, making it yourself gives you the freedom to choose the right dimensions and style. With this project, Paul has shown that you can achieve a professional result with a limited budget and the right materials.

The final touch: a harmonious design

This project shows a minimalist style that blends effortlessly with the existing design of the kitchen. The soft color tones and the smooth surface of the MDF create a calm and orderly atmosphere, in which ease of use and aesthetics go hand in hand.

Advantages of MDF Primed 18 mm

MDF Primed 18 mm is an excellent choice for DIY projects such as sliding doors. The material is easy to work and paint, saves time with its already primed surface, and provides a smooth finish for a high-quality look to any project. Paul's kitchen is testament to the versatility and quality that MDF has to offer for home handymen.

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