Do you have something in your house that you would rather not look at? Then you can make a casing for it! A casing can be made for just about any object that you want to keep out of sight. Whether it's a radiator or a fridge, a casing will get them out of sight and bring calm to the room. Making a casing is easier than you think. And with the handy tips that other handymen have given for their own projects, you can get to work on your own conversion in no time.

How to convert a radiator

A traditional radiator can be an annoying sight, especially if you have spent a lot of time and effort on your interior. With a sleek radiator conversion, you can neatly conceal your heating. This way you have a nice warm house all year round, but you do not have to look at the radiator. Making a heating cover yourself does not have to be a difficult task, especially if you get inspired by the projects that handymen have already made with our hout! With the right knowledge and materials, anyone can make a radiator conversion themselves.

Making a washing machine or fridge conversion

Would you like to build a washing machine or fridge conversion? You can! A large fridge or washing machine can look big, but with a homemade casing you can keep your home neat and tidy. Making a solid washing machine casing yourself can also help with sound insulation. hout can dampen vibrations to a certain level. A refrigerator casing gives a lot of peace in the kitchen. A fridge is a large appliance and a nice casing neatly conceals it. 

Cat box and bench conversion

The litter box is very necessary, but is not a nice design for the room. Function is more important than form, but this does not mean that a litter box has to ruin your interior. By making a litter box conversion yourself you give the litter box a real place in your home, without it detracting from your interior. The same goes for a homemade cage cover. Whether you want to make a cage for sleeping or something more permanent, making your own cage conversion will make your dog's crate a home.

What kind of conversion do you make? Get inspired by our projects below and get to work!