“Homemade” Montessori tower, by Raphael

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Raphael used cut poplar plywood to make his own Montessori tower. He ordered the custom plywood and had it delivered to his home. At home, he took care of the finishing touches, such as making the holes and assembling the tower. Let yourself be inspired by Raphaël's wooden tower!

Order for 5 pine boards measuring 1m x 0.50m. A lot of work on the router in order to be able to create all the passages and positions of the different boards (2 steps, 3 seating positions, etc.) and be able to tilt the tower into a horizontal position.

  1. Cut the contours, rounds and circles of the 2 vertical boards at the very last in order to be able to keep working references for the guidance...
  2. Grooving with a router of depth 5mm and 20mm in diameter
  3. Suitcase wheel installations
  4. Cuts with plunge saw maximum otherwise with jigsaw

100.0 × 50.0 cm

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