DIY with/for kids

Are you looking for something fun to make for your kids? We have many different wood projects that you can make yourself! We cut the wood to size for you, so all you have to do is assemble and finish it. Will you choose to design your own project or will you be inspired by projects that have already been made?

Play table for your child

A DIY play table is fun for any child. For coloring, reading or just to play on. Making a play table is not difficult either! The most important thing is that you make the play table at the right height and that your child can't get splinters from it. By sanding and finishing the wood well, you can minimize the chance of splinters. Another thing you can do is use fiberboard instead of solid wood. Fiberboards, such as MDF, are not made of solid wood and therefore do not splinter. MDF is also very easy to work with, so you can make your play table completely to your own taste.

Play corner for your child

Instead of a play table, you can also create a complete play corner for your child. In it you can incorporate not only a play table, but also storage and, for example, a play kitchen. What many people do is that they use used furniture from, for example, IKEA and then refurbish it with custom-cut wood. For example, you can also turn simple cabinets into a complete DIY wooden play corner for your child!

What will you make for your kids? Get inspired by our projects below and get started!