Large, budget-friendly cabinet tightly against the wall of MDF Lacquer carrier foil, by Coriette

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2 minutes


A cabinet with 45 compartments. The compartments are of different sizes, but the cabinet is symmetrical. In the middle a wide compartment for decorative pieces, then four rows for books and the two outer rows for other things such as games, puzzles, a mailbox and laptops. The top and bottom are left open. The lower compartments are filled with baskets for easy storage.

Work description: how did you realize your project

I first made a design on paper, thought about the different sizes I wanted the compartments to have and made a tight layout. I ordered (after calculating 10 times) the planks to size, with a paintable layer already on it. These came true to size! This made it relatively easy for me to measure out the locations of the drill holes and drill them. I made a small hole in the horizontal planks with an awl, so that the screws would come in exactly the right place. Putting it together was the easiest part of the job in the end. The screws are galvanized so that I could fill them well, the holes are no longer visible. Finally, the cabinet is painted light pink, in the same color as the wall. I am very happy with this color, it does add color to the house but it is not a mega-striking color.

Final size: What are the outer dimensions?

All measurements are in centimeters: 280.0 (wide), 242.0 (high) by 30.0 (deep).

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How next?

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