Make a stylish shallow hallway cupboard and shoe cupboard as a coat rack, by Jelmer

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Inspiration for your hallway: the multifunctional hallway cupboard and shoe cabinet from Jelmer

Are you looking for a practical and at the same time stylish solution for your hallway? Be inspired by Jelmer's DIY project: a shallow hallway cupboard and shoe cupboard combined with a coat rack, in a soothing dark green shade.

The design and realization

Using wood sawn to size by, Jelmer has created a tailor-made storage solution. The hall cupboard is designed to use space efficiently, offering space for coats, shoes and even a vacuum cleaner. The smart layout and clean lines provide a calm and orderly appearance.

Details that make the difference

The hallway cupboard is not only functional, but also a feast for the eyes. The dark green finish gives a modern yet timeless look, while the black coat hooks provide a strong visual contrast. This color combination fits perfectly in various interior styles, from modern to classic.

Why this hallway cupboard is ideal for your home

This piece of furniture fits perfectly in the hallway because of its shallow design, which means that you still have enough space to move freely through the hallway. After all, the hallway is the first impression of your home and with this hallway cupboard you ensure a tidy and hospitable entrance.

The advantages of making it yourself

By making this hall cupboard and shoe cupboard yourself , you have full control over the dimensions and materials. This means that you can save on costs and construct a piece of furniture that perfectly matches your wishes and the available space.

The style of Jelmer's piece of furniture

The end result is a piece of furniture that combines minimalist design with maximum functionality. The plain surfaces and the smart use of space reflect a modernist style that fits seamlessly with contemporary interior trends.

The qualities of MDF Primed 18 mm

The project is made of MDF Primed 18 mm, which is known for its sturdy and sleek finish. This type of wood is ideal for painting because the base coat has already been applied, meaning you spend less time on preparatory work and can immediately start applying the color of your choice.

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How next?

Want to make this DIY project? Check out Jelmer's saw list and complete your order easily.

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