Kitchen block

Could your kitchen unit use some sprucing up? Installing a new kitchen unit can be a costly job, so it is often interesting to first see if you can renovate your kitchen unit! Making a new kitchen unit yourself is of course also an interesting job! Then you can decide entirely what your kitchen will look like. What are you going to make?

Renovate your kitchen unit

Kitchen units often do not wear out regularly. Surfaces that are used, drawers and doors often wear much faster than the construction itself. So a kitchen unit can already look worn while the construction itself is still very solid. A new kitchen unit is a waste of money and materials. Renovating your kitchen unit by, for example, installing new kitchen doors is a lot cheaper and more sustainable. It also allows you to transform the look of your kitchen in one fell swoop. If you use the worktop of your kitchen unit a lot, it is also a good idea to replace it. A worktop can wear out more quickly with heavy use and this can affect the hygiene of your kitchen.

Create a kitchen unit in your motor home

Do you have a motor home of which you would like to replace the kitchen unit or are you in the process of converting a van into a motor home? Then you can make your own kitchen unit. Making a DIY kitchen unit for in the motor home is often a lot easier than making a kitchen unit for in the kitchen and therefore a job you can do yourself. You can make a kitchen unit from MDF or plywood, but nowadays you also see many kitchen units of solid wood in motor homes. This often gives the interior of the motorhome a more cosy appearance.

How will you renovate your kitchen unit? Get inspired by our projects below and get to work!