Make your own built-in wardrobe using IKEA IVAR (Hack), by Laura

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2 minutes

You can make a beautiful IKEA Ivar hack using custom pine carpentry panels. Laura herself has made a beautiful custom cupboard for a niche. She ordered custom carpentry panels online, which fit well with the IKEA Ivar cupboard, and got to work. The result is a beautiful custom cabinet with the help of IKEA and a sawn pine carpentry panel ordered online.

Description by Laura

After receiving a quote from a furniture maker for built-in cabinets, we started looking at a more budget-friendly alternative. We found beautiful photos online of people who have made built-in cabinets based on a pine IVAR cabinet. We ordered the missing parts (head, foot and shelves) online via the webshop.

How I made this project

We made the niches based on the standard width of the IVAR cupboard (80 cm), this turned out to be slightly less after plastering, so we had to resaw it. When the cabinets were custom-made, we measured and ordered the base and head. After delivery, we had to saw some planks (4 cm thick) because the corners were not square in the cupboard, then sanded, oiled and hard-waxed and finished. We ordered the shelves after the base cabinet was in place. By means of laser measured the planks and after delivery saw a slat of 2x2 cm from the bottom with a multi-tool. Obviously blind (front and back not visible) so that we could attach the planks without visible brackets. This was also put in oil and hard wax. We are very satisfied with the result,

Dimensions of my DIY project

The cabinets are 80.0 cm wide and the niche is 230.0 cm high and approximately 30.0 cm deep.

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