Self-made washing machine and dryer cabinet, by Wil

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Dhr. W.A.

Dhr. W.A.


Above average

2 minutes

Description by Wil

We wanted the washing machine and dryer to be slightly higher off the ground, as well as a laundry basket drawer under each machine to make it easier to work. Also create storage space through 2 large drawers and a high cupboard with 2 revolving doors. Hiding the pipes under the heating stove also seemed neater to us. I got some ideas and the furniture was completely drawn out in 3D, complete with dimensions (that is my daily work, but then they are machines). It is made entirely of MDF and we painted it ourselves (+/_ 31m2!)

How I made this project

Already gained experience with with making a wall cupboard yourself (no photos submitted). So I ordered wood in Veenendaal again to make this washer-dryer cabinet. It is more expensive, but so perfectly tailored that you cannot achieve that accuracy yourself. I could immediately start drilling the connecting pins (Festo domino) and door hinges. There is white wood glue between the connections and I was able to screw many of them because they are not visible. Saves clamping with clamps. Under the machines I glued and screwed 2x 18mm plates together because of the weight of the machines. To finish, coat the end edges with diluted wood glue and prime everything twice. Then varnished once. I made 2 doors in the pipe conversion under the heating stove for easy access to the taps.

Dimensions of my DIY project

The outside dimensions of the washer-dryer cabinet are (hxwxd) 215× 137×59.5cm. The pipe conversion is 110cm high and 25cm wide all around.

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