Small white custom bench, homemade with MDF, by Heleen

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2 minutes

Do you have a niche and do you want to do something creative with it? Make a handy custom bench like Heleen made for her children. By choosing MDF Blank, you can easily assemble the whole thing and you do not need to have any special tools at home. The result: A super sleek custom bench in the color Ammonite from Farrow and Ball.

Description by Heleen

I made a bench for the playroom, to sit on and to ( with a chair) to use as a desk. The planks are blank MDF and I varnished them myself.

How I made this project

Needed for this job:

  • A plank of 118.0 cm × 52.0 cm (front edge, bottom edge and top edge slightly bevelled).
  • Two shelves of 118.0 cm × 50.0 cm (base).
  • All I ordered shelves in MDF blank / untreated.

And then:

  1. Bottom side attached to top plate with supports (simple supports purchased from the hardware store). Because I worked in a niche, I first attached one of the shelves to the wall.
  2. Then placed the second shelf and finally the top plate on top and secured it.
  3. Then attached to wall with supports for extra strength when sitting.
  4. Finished in the color of the wall (F&B Ammonite).

Dimensions of my DIY project

118.0 cm × 52 .0 cm

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How next?

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