A custom shoe cabinet made of MDF and a seat for the bay window, by Andy

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2 minutes

In this DIY project, Andy explains how he made several projects with custom-sawn MDF and pine carpentry panels. The result is a beautiful seat for the bay window and two practical cupboards to store shoes. A beautiful result!

Description by Andy

We made 2 shoe cabinets with custom MDF. We used the wood to make a bench in the bay window, so that we can place the dining table in the bay window.

How I made this project

Bench: It was always the question; what to do with the bay window. After Christmas we temporarily placed the dining table and chairs in the bay window. This went well, but the seats on the window side were not a success. We searched the internet for alternatives and we ended up with a permanent bench to sit with dinner or to hang out in the sun. I looked for custom wood on the internet, because you can't make it that nice yourself. The surface was measured, ordered and finally installed in the bay window with the beautiful result. Shoe cupboards: It was always a mess. More shoes than space and opening the cupboards was too much work. We also looked on the internet for options and making a custom cabinet was the solution. Measured the dimensions and had the MDF cut to size, so that it was only a matter of mounting the corners, reinforcing the planks with what was left from the cutting loss and painting. We are very happy with the result. A lovely bench to sit/lie on and two shoe cabinets to neatly place all our shoes.

Dimensions of my DIY project

Sofa: 300.0 cm wide and 40. 0cm deep

Shoe cabinet: 103.0 cm high 100.0 cm wide 35.0 cm deep

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How next?

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