Vinyl furniture for record player and record collection, by Niels

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Record player furniture in black with oak top. Three storage cubes measuring 36.0×36.0 cm, a leaf tray and a tray for your player, with another compartment underneath. Based on the furniture as described by Zoltan (
primed and painted, with a as top.

Retro vinyl furniture with attractive elements

Put the MDF parts assembled according to the photos. Before screwing together, pre-drill the pieces so that the screws are nicely countersunk.
Next, it is important to attach the castors. You cannot do this with just a few screws, but you need bolts and nuts. To do this, pre-drill at three points per corner so that the bolts are also nicely countersunk in the bottom surface. Now that the MDF parts are assembled and the wheels are underneath the whole, it is important to give the whole a give it a lick of paint. First of all, I filled the screw holes with a putty-like material in two components. Then I first primed it and then applied a layer of matte varnish. Finally, coat the oak top twice with clear varnish and secure it with four reinforcing corners.

The dimensions of the furniture

Height: 72.0 cm
Width: 117.8 cm
Depth: 46.5 cm

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