Unique Vinyl LP Storage Furniture Inspiration, by Eric

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Transform your music collection with this DIY LP Storage Unit

Are you a vinyl lover and are you looking for a stylish way to present your collection? Be inspired by Eric's project, who has brought a unique audio piece of furniture to life with expertly cut to size panels by OPMAATZAGEN.nl.

The structure of the piece of furniture

The piece of furniture has a sleek, modern look with multiple levels and compartments, in which both the LP player and the vinyl collection come into their own. The rough texture of the wood gives a sturdy look, while the anthracite gray finish adds a trendy and industrial vibe. Additional details, such as the wooden knobs, provide a traditional touch.

The choice for the living room

The LP storage unit is placed in the living room, the ideal space for this project. Not only is it part of the furnishings, but it also promotes conviviality while listening to music. Due to its compact shape and smart design, the furniture offers a lot of storage space without being overwhelming.

Advantages of making the furniture yourself

By getting started yourself, you have complete control over size and appearance. Eric, for example, chose dimensions that suited his space and finishes that reflected his personal taste. This DIY project is not only more budget-friendly than a ready-made solution, but also a valuable, personal asset to your interior.

The stylish completion of the project

The project of Eric can be described as modern-rustic, where the natural look of the pine wood contrasts with the modern, dark stain. This combination creates a piece of furniture that is both striking and timeless.

The advantages of Spruce Timmerpanel

Choosing Spruce Timmerpanel as a type of wood brings several advantages. Spruce wood is lightweight, easy to work with and reasonably priced. Furthermore, the neutral color of the wood allows for personal adjustments with paint or stain. Moreover, it fits into many different interior styles, from classic to modern.

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How next?

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