Are you looking for fun DIY projects for your bedroom? Then you've come to the right place! We have made a cool selection of projects that are all perfect for the bedroom! From beds to wardrobes; what are you going to make?


No bed, no bedroom. And if you'd like a unique DIY bed, you can make your own design! From unique loft beds to minimalistic low beds, your creativity will determine what kind of bed you can make. We will cut the wood to size so you only have to think about the assembly and finishing. Choose a nice type of wood and order all parts easily on our website.


Do you already have a bed, but no headboard? Then you can also just make a tailor-made headboard! You can make a headboard in many different ways. Do you want a sleek headboard, or do you want a headboard with bars? Are you going for a flat headboard or do you want a deeper headboard with storage space? The choice is yours! Be inspired by our projects and get to work.


A nice wardrobe is not only spacious enough for all your clothes, it also fits nicely into your bedroom. A made-to-measure wardrobe is therefore a good choice. We saw all parts to size and deliver them to your door. So it's easy to have your own designed wardrobe in your bedroom.

What are you going to make for your bedroom? Get inspired by our projects below and get to work!