Power pastels

The interior design style Power Pastels is a great way to add a touch of soft colours and a cheerful look to your home. It is a style characterised by the use of pastel colours with a powerful look. If you love this style, making DIY projects and furniture is a great way to add a unique and personal touch to your interiors.

One of the easiest DIY projects you can do to incorporate this style into your interior is to make pastel-coloured furniture from MDF that you then paint yourself in your favourite pastel colours. Finish them with different materials such as cotton, wool or velvet to create a soft and cosy atmosphere in your home. Or create a pastel wall decoration by combining different colours using paint, tape and stencils.

Another fun DIY tip is to refurbish old furniture with pastel paint. For example, consider painting a TOSIZE Furniture shelving unit in a pretty pastel colour, or make a saw frame for a chair and finish it with a cheerful fabric. This way, you give the room new life and bring colour into your interior.

You can also create other unique pieces of furniture yourself, such as a pastel-coloured pouf or a side table. For example, make a pouf by lining a chest with pastel-coloured fabric and add soft padding. Or make a side table out of wooden planks and paint it in your favourite pastel colour.

In short, if you love the Power Pastel style, there are countless DIY projects and ideas to personalise your interiors. Make the base from wooden panels that you have cut to size by THE online sawmill, and finish the project yourself with your chosen style. Using soft pastel colours with a powerful look can give your interior a unique and cheerful atmosphere. Get started and create your own pastel-coloured DIY projects and furniture for an interior that suits you!