Making a DIY project with spaanplaat is really easy, but how do you assemble chipboard? Does it need to be finished? Is chipboard strong enough for my project? What do you use decorative chipboard for? And is it convenient to use chipboard for my next project? DIY with chipboard generally raises many questions, but there is no need for uncertainty! Get inspired on the chore and inspiration blog from to find out if it is useful to use chipboard for your next project. This blog is full of DIY tips to prepare your project job-wise. Want to start using decorative chipboard? We say do it. Getting started with chipboard is so easy and affordable because the material consists of wood chips finished with a strong melamine coating. Using decorative chipboard becomes very easy because of this top layer. And it no longer needs to be finished... just the edges. Handy! This makes it ideal for the novice handyman or handyman with two left hands. The melamine layer used to finish many chipboard types is available in a wide choice of decors. See what others are using decorative chipboard for and what projects they have completed here. Get inspired and get started well prepared.

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