Make your own chest

Have you ever considered making your own chest? With the right materials and a bit of creativity, you can create a unique storage piece that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Here you'll learn how to get started with custom-cut wood and sheet materials from

Choose the right material

For making a chest, formwork plywood, plywood, and timber panel are excellent choices. These materials are durable, easy to work with, and provide a solid foundation for your project. Whether you want to make a sturdy storage chest or a refined treasure chest, at you'll find the perfect material for your design.

Inspiration for your chest

On this page, you will find various inspiration projects that can help you shape your ideal chest. From simple storage chests to complex treasure chests with intricate details, there's something for everyone. Get inspired by the possibilities and discover how to make a chest that meets all your needs.

Making your own chest is not just a fun and rewarding DIY activity, but also gives you the chance to create a personal piece of furniture that perfectly matches your interior. With the right preparation and materials from, you can make a chest that is both functional and stylish.

Start your project today

Don't wait any longer and start planning your homemade chest today. With the custom-cut wood and sheet materials from, success is guaranteed. Explore the materials, choose your favorite, and create a chest that is not only practical but also tells a story.