DIY Inspiration: Vinyl shelf in the living room, realized by Lutz

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How Lutz created his individual vinyl shelf for the living room

Are you looking for a creative idea to stylishly present your record collection in your living room? Lutz's project could serve as inspiration: a tailor-made vinyl shelf that not only offers space for records, but also functions as an aesthetic stair balustrade.

The construction of the vinyl shelf

This DIY project is characterized by an elegant and functional design that Lutz has implemented perfectly. Starting with the material - Radiata Pine B/C 18 mm plywood, which was sawn to size exactly according to Lutz's specifications by Lutz then connected the individual pieces himself to form a shelf that not only houses vinyl treasures, but also record players and favorite covers on the upper platform. The natural wood color brings a warm and inviting atmosphere to the living room and harmonizes perfectly with the dark wooden floor and the green wall color.

A DIY project with advantages

By making the shelf himself, Lutz was able to adjust the dimensions to the available space and adapt the material and design perfectly to his needs. This shows that tailor-made pieces of furniture not only increase spatial flexibility, but are also a cost-effective solution as unnecessary material waste is avoided.

The shelf as part of the living space

The vinyl shelf not only serves as a storage option, but is also an integral part of the room design. It emphasizes Lutz's personal taste in music and complements the living room atmosphere by creating a cozy corner and keeping the records within easy reach at all times.

Style and perfection

The minimalist yet rustic design goes perfectly with the vintage charm of the records. By dispensing with superfluous details and concentrating on the essentials, Lutz's shelf underlines the timeless and authentic in the music collection.

The advantages of Radiata pine plywood

Radiata pine B/C 18 mm plywood was selected for its excellent properties. It is not only robust and durable, but also easy to work with, making it ideal for DIY projects. In addition, the wood impresses with its attractive appearance, which underlines the natural beauty of the living space.

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