Radiator casing

You don't like to see a radiator in your interior. A beautiful casing is a good solution! You can build a radiator yourself quite easily, depending on how detailed you want the design to be. And if you have the sheet material for your DIY radiator casing cut to size, it's even easier.

Making your own radiator casing

If you want to build a radiator conversion yourself, a good first step is to make a drawing. By measuring and drawing the size of your radiator, you not only get an idea of what material and in what format you should order, you also get an idea of how the radiator will look in your interior. Then you can also look at how you are going to shape the radiator conversion. Are you going for minimal heat loss and placing grilles? Or would you prefer the cleanest possible result and go for an even finish? The choice is yours.

Making a wooden radiator conversion

A radiator can easily be made from wood. Provided you pay close attention to how the wood reacts to heat. Wood can warp at different temperatures. This is why MDF is often used. MDF is made of small wood fibers that are glued and compressed into a plate. As a result, the material does not warp during fluctuating temperatures. 

TIP: It is important that you treat the material properly against the heat, as prolonged exposure can cause MDF to warp faster though.

What kind of radiator conversion are you making? Get inspired by our projects below and get to work!