Make your own organized shoe cabinet à la Esra, by Esra

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3 minutes

Discover how Esra created a unique and well-organized shoe cabinet.

Are you tired of searching for the right pair of shoes every time? Esra certainly was and that is why she decided to roll up her sleeves and create a beautiful shoe cabinet. In this inspiration project we show how you, like Esra, can create a clear and organized shoe cabinet that suits your style and interior.

Step-by-step to the perfect closet

Esra started her project with, where she carefully had her wood cut to size. The result is a custom shoe cabinet that fits perfectly in her space. The cupboard has several horizontal shelves that provide space for various shoe types, from high boots to elegant heels. The neutral color of the MDF Primed 12 mm provides a timeless look and makes the cupboard a peaceful addition to anyone's hall or bedroom.

The right style and dimensions

Esra' ;s shoe cabinet, which can be admired in her hall, exudes simplicity and functionality. The sleek design makes the cabinet not only a feast for the eyes, but also a true storage system in which many pairs of shoes can be easily organized. The freedom of building it yourself enabled Esra to make the shoe cabinet exactly as she envisioned it, choosing materials that fell within her budget.

A cabinet with an eye for detail

A cabinet with an eye for detail


Each pair of shoes now has its own place in Esra's shoe closet. The smooth surface of the MDF Primed 12 mm makes it easy to keep the cabinet clean and provides an elegant basis for the shoe collection. Esra has opted for black shelf supports that offer a nice contrast with the light color of the MDF.

A shoe cabinet that suits your life

Making your own shoe cabinet as Esra has done means that you have full control over the layout, dimensions and material used. This way you decide how much space you want to allocate to each pair of shoes and how the closet should look aesthetically. Moreover, it is often cheaper to build a cabinet yourself than to buy one, which fits perfectly with a more budget-conscious approach to interior design.

The beauty of MDF Primed 12 mm

Esra chose MDF Primed 12 mm for her inspiration project because of the various advantages this material offers. MDF is easy to work with, meaning you can fully utilize your creative freedom. In addition, the primed layer has the advantage that it is ready for painting, which saves time when finishing the cabinet.

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How next?

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