A unique self-build bathroom furniture made of moisture-resistant MDF, by Lisanne

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2 minutes

You can of course buy a standard bathroom furniture, or make one yourself. The latter is of course much more fun! In this project, Lisanne started working with MDF moisture-resistant and created a unique piece of furniture for her bathroom. The round shapes and the bright blue color in particular make the furniture a real eye-catcher. 

Description by Lisanne

I made a floating piece of furniture from moisture-resistant MDF for the bathroom. The washbasin has open surfaces and rounded sides. On top I placed a surface-mounted sink and tap.

How I made this project

1. I first designed the furniture in Shapr3D, which I find an easy tool to map out the correct dimensions of the shelves
2. I ordered the required moisture-resistant MDF online and had it cut to size
3. After the wood was delivered, I assembled the parts using MDF screws, a drill and pocket-hole jigs.
4. When the furniture was assembled, I first filled and sanded the screw holes, then coated the sides of the planks with a mixture of wood glue and water, primed the furniture, and then painted it with 2 layers of semi-gloss varnish.
5. Before attaching the furniture to the wall, the openings are made for the tap and the siphon
6. furniture attached to the wall and the tap and sink installed.

Dimensions of my DIY project

100.0 cm wide
47.0 cm deep
60 .0 cm high

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How next?

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