Cabinet doors made of blank MDF, by Ben

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2 minutes

Description by Ben

I had the ambition to create an attractive and functional cupboard within our front attic, with the aim of elegantly concealing the boiler, solar panel and all associated heating pipes. As a first step in this process, I chose to use a more affordable variant of MDF, purchased from Gamma (for which I apologize to, for the inside of the cabinet construction and carefully assembled it. I then carefully determined the dimensions of the doors and used this information to order high-quality MDF panels from, as I wanted to achieve a superior finish and appearance for the exterior of the cabinets.

How I made this project

First I had the large 18mm MDF side pieces cut at the local hardware store and made sure I bought the correct MDF screws for the project . I started by making each part separately and sliding them into place, then screwing them together. Once the frame was in place, I measured and ordered the doors and purchased good quality Blum surface mounted hinges in black onyx. Measuring must be done extremely accurately when installing the hinges and mounting plates. Since I had never installed hinges before, I took extra precautions to make sure I didn't accidentally drill through the doors. Finally I dismantled everything and took the time to prime (2 coats) and sand and then apply two more coats of Sikkens lacquer. As a final addition I placed the handles and I am very satisfied with the end result!

Dimensions of my DIY project

220.0 cm high by 320.0 cm wide

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