Colorful and cheerful sideboard for the workshop, by Michael

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2 minutes

Michael has made a creative sideboard for his workshop from various recycled products. The base is made of plywood that was cut to size and ordered online. He made the other fronts and parts from recycled materials. A nice way to build a custom-made cupboard. Are you curious about his experiences? Read on!

Description from Michael

In this little project I built a sideboard for the (garage) workshop. The mix here is 50% multiplex from and 50% upcycling from used materials. Plus experiments with varnish and colors :)

How I made this project

I built the body from the multiplex panels from The connections are all glued; aligned and stabilized with flat dowels. The cupboard parts are upcycled, as are the drawers. Only the drawer panels are also made from the ordered multiplex. Panels, etc. were aligned with spacers and the handles are screwed on. I also bought the (full extension) rails for the drawers. The painting was particularly fun; more the thinking about the color combination. It's not important for the purpose in the garage; but hey, I'm experimenting :). The finish of the top plate (I'm not sure, but I think it's oak) is hard wax oil.

Dimensions of my DIY project

Approx. 130.0 cm wide, 93.0 cm high, 45.0 cm deep

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