Custom toy cupboard and bookcase in your living room, by Emile

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Transform your living room with a DIY shelving unit

Are you looking for a unique way to brighten up your living room? Then take a moment to consider this inspiring DIY project by Emile. With precision and creativity he has created a multifunctional toy cabinet and bookcase that is both practical and visually attractive.

The construction of the masterpiece

Everything started with carefully selected and custom-sawn wood from With this solid foundation, Emile has created a cupboard consisting of several compartments of different sizes. This not only provides an aesthetic appearance, but also offers varied storage options, ideal for storing both books and toys.

Style and finesse

What makes this project so special is the attention to detail. The cabinet is made in a soft color that compliments the current minimalist interior trends. The clean lines and seamless design, where the mounting materials are cleverly hidden, result in a sleek whole that blends into the space.

Sustainable and budget-friendly

By tackling the project yourself , you benefit from the flexibility to manufacture the cabinet completely according to your wishes and dimensions. You choose the materials yourself and control costs, while creating a piece of furniture that perfectly suits your space and needs.

An organic addition to the living room

The custom cabinet , which now occupies a prominent place in the living room, enhances the homely atmosphere through its functionality and design. With enough space for both decorative elements and practical storage compartments, this cupboard offers the best of both worlds.

The end result: an eye-catcher in style

To crown the work, Emile has a compartment cupboard that fits seamlessly with the modern interior. The end result is not only practical, but also a stylish addition that takes the living room interior to the next level.

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