Low furniture made of Multiplex Poplars (interior), by Joris

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2 minutes


For this assignment I built a low corner furniture. The rectangular compartments are approximately evenly distributed over the furniture. By providing some compartments with a back plate, I was able to create strength and also make room for sockets.

Work description: how did you realize your project

The furniture consists of three separate parts that I have pushed together. The loose parts were easy to realize due to the straight sawn wood from opmaatzagen.nl. First I sanded the wood well and provided it with two layers of satin parquet lacquer, with some light sanding in between. I used the back plates of the open parts as a template for placing the uprights. Because the bottom is not visible, I attached it with wood glue and screws. After the base was in place, I attached the top plates with dowels and glue. As a result, no screw holes are visible at the top. When the parts were ready, I sanded the front (visible) side by hand. Finally, I raised the furniture with residual wood so that it floats above the plinth. The parts are fixed with a single screw, so that they fit nicely, but are still easy to disassemble.

Final size: What are the outer dimensions?

LxBxH 97,0 cm × 310,0 cm × 42,0 cm

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