Would you like to have a bar in your kitchen or in your shed, for example? Why not go ahead and make that bar yourself? Making a DIY bar out of wood is much easier than you think! And with the DIY projects we've collected as inspiration, you'll have a beautiful bar up in no time! What kind of bar are you going to make?

Making your own kitchen bar

Many modern homes have an open kitchen. This gives the living room a spacious impression and also gives more freedom in placing a dining table. Still, it is nice to have a separation between kitchen and living room. Therefore, many people create a bar in the kitchen. This way you maintain the spacious impression in the living room and also separate the living room from the kitchen! In addition, you can also have breakfast at the bar in the morning or have just a little extra workspace while cooking dinner. With cut-to-size hout- en plaatmateriaal, you make it easier for yourself and the end result is even more beautiful!

Make your own bar in the barn or garden

Do you like to play the host or hostess and do you often have people over? Then a bar in the garden or in the barn is the perfect atmosphere creator. More often you see people making a bar for in the garden or shed to put glasses, snacks, a fridge and sometimes even a tap. So you can sit in the garden and still have everything at hand for a pleasant evening.

TIP: It is important that you use good moisture-resistant material for a bar in the garden and that you also finish the material properly. This will ensure that you can enjoy your bar for as long as possible! MDF Tricoya is a high quality material that can be used in outdoor applications. It is easy to process and can withstand moisture!

How will you make your bar? Get inspired by our projects below and get started!