Make your own custom corner wall shelf from mahogany carpentry panel, by Peter

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Standard wall shelves sometimes do not meet the desired dimensions or appearance. And that is why making your own wall shelf is a fun DIY project. In this project, Peter opted for mahogany carpentry panels. This is an extension of previously self-made wall shelves. By ordering the sawing work online, this is a project you can easily carry out yourself.

Description by Peter

A corner shelf on shelf supports to place Lego houses on. The corner shelf is made of two Mahogany carpentry panels glued together. This is an extension of previously purchased Mahogany carpentry panels.

How I made this project

In addition to previously ordered Mahogany carpentry panels, I have again ordered two carpentry panels online. Since they do not yet have the ability to cut a rectangle from a panel, I attached two panels together with a dowel connection for an extremely strong whole. Did not use the standard 4.0 cm dowels, but made 10.0 cm dowels from a grooved stick with a diameter of 8 mm. Then I purchased the same supports online from another webshop to complete the whole thing.

Dimensions of my DIY project

51.0 x 38.3 cm

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How next?

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