Homemade floating wall shelves from MDF, by Daan

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2 minutes

On this page you can read about the DIY story of Daan, who made his own floating wall shelves from MDF. Daan shares his experience and the steps he took to create these stylish wall shelves. Daan gives useful tips for attaching and finishing the planks. With his homemade floating wall shelves, Daan has made a beautiful and functional addition to his interior. Follow his steps and make your own floating wall shelves from MDF.

Description by Daan

Hollow wall shelves made from miter sawn MDF. Various slats were attached to the niche and the planks slid over them. After installation, the planks were varnished and the seams were sealed.

How I made this project

Measured the niche length and depth to determine what the dimensions of the hollow wall planks should be. Then determine how many planks can be placed. Ordered material and had it miter cut so that hollow planks can be made. After receipt, 2 planks and 1 slat were folded together with tape and wood glue. For strength, a wooden drawer was also placed between the two planks. Then placed slats on the wall with a width that fits exactly between the hollow wall planks. Wall planks slid over the slats and screwed into place (holes pre-drilled and galvanized). Screw holes filled with filler, planks sanded and then varnished. Finally, all seams were sealed.

Dimensions of my DIY project

Hollow planks: Length: 99.5 cm Depth: 27 cm Width: 6.2 cm

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How next?

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