Make your own desk and toy cupboard for the nursery, by Kirsy

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3 minutes

Unique do-it-yourself project: Desk and Toy Cabinet in the Children's Room

Are you looking for an inspiring way to enrich a children's room? Discover how Kirsy created a beautiful multifunctional desk and a toy cupboard with the help of This project is not only practical, but also a feast for the eyes!

Step by step to a child-friendly workplace

The basis of this inspiring project consists of a porcelain desk finished with pine carpentry panel of 28 mm thick. The desk, sleek and simplistic, fits perfectly into the atmosphere of a modern children's room. The natural wood color provides warmth and a relaxed ambiance, in which every child can develop. The desk is generously sized, leaving plenty of room for both homework and creative pursuits.

Organization and fun with the toy cupboard

Following the desk, Kirsy has come up with a smart solution for toy storage. The toy cupboard, consisting of various compartments with white storage bins, not only offers space to neatly organize toys, but also encourages independent tidying up. The cabinet is constructed from the same pine carpentry panels, which provides a harmonious appearance.

Customization in every detail

The most special thing about this DIY project is the level of detail and customization. Each piece of wood was sawn to size by, after which Kirsy brought the project to life herself. The pine wood, with its lively structures, gives each component a unique character. The choice of this natural material underlines the authentic atmosphere of the design.

The perfect addition to the children's room

The desk and the toy cupboard are placed in the children's room, where the green color accents the wall and the playful artificial grass tiles emphasize the connection with nature. The furniture is an ideal playmate for any growing adventurer and fits perfectly with the energetic and educational character of the room.

Benefits of building it yourself

Building your own desk and toy cupboard offers many advantages . The flexibility in dimensions means that you can fully tailor the project to your available space. Furthermore, you have the freedom to choose materials that suit your style and budget, without having to compromise on quality or functionality.

The style of Kirsy's nursery project

This custom project shows a modern, Scandinavian style where simplicity, functionality and the use of natural materials are central. It brings together peace, space and playfulness, making it a stylish addition to any children's room.

The advantages of pine carpentry panel

Pine carpentry panel is an excellent choice for do-it-yourself projects like this. It is a durable material with a natural appearance and warm hue. The panel is easy to edit and treat, which is ideal for custom work and DIY. Moreover, pine offers good value for money

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