New black shelves in shelving unit, by Donata

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Description by Donata

Last year we bought four shelving units for our new shed. This spring we saw that all the MDF boards were covered in mold (see the last 2 photos). We therefore wanted to replace the planks with planks that could withstand moisture better. For this we chose MDF Moisture-resistant V313 Black 9 mm. This is black MDF through and through. Not only is this material moisture-resistant, it also looks beautifully finished.

How I made this project

  1. We measured the plates and deducted 2 mm so that the shelves would easily fit in the shelving unit.
  2. We ordered 20 shelves of MDF Moisture-resistant V313 Black 9 mm.
  3. We also added the remaining pieces to the shopping cart and had them delivered. You never know, maybe for a follow-up DIY project!
  4. It was then a matter of taking the old panels out of the cupboard and putting in the new planks, a piece of cake with the planks cut to size. Very happy with the end result (see first 3 photos)!

Dimensions of my DIY project

Exterior planks: 88.8 x 43.8 cm.

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How next?

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