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Marjolein has made a work of art from MDF for an exhibition. This just shows what MDF can be used for! Read the whole story here.

Marjolein's artwork

Marjolein has created with MDF Natural created this beautiful work of art. The artwork is currently in Stedelijk Museum Schiedam and can be admired there until September 8. A brief explanation of Marjolein's artwork:

“The artwork consists of a hollow beam construction and plate material. Everything is completely screwed and finished with colored screw caps after spraying. This makes it look a bit like metal. The artwork 'Evolution' is currently in the exhibition 'Masterful Women' in Stedelijk Museum Schiedam.”

Working with MDF Blank

Marjolein's artwork is made of MDF Natural. This is a versatile sheet material that is easy to process. MDF is a fiber board; this means that the material is made of small wood fibers that are pressed into a plate. This makes the material very flat and smooth and does not splinter when sawing or milling! MDF Natural is the standard variant of MDF and is can be finished entirely according to your own wishes.

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The end result

The end result is a beautiful, unique work of art. Worthy of a place in an exhibition! This is what Marjolein had to say about the sawing work:

“Orders from are always processed very quickly. The wooden plates were well packed and sawn perfectly straight and to size. Nice to build with, because precision is very important for my work. Contact always runs smoothly and I was helped quickly if I had any problems.”

Thanks for the compliments! We always enjoy it when people get so creative with our sheet material. Do you also want to get creative with sheet material, just like Marjolein? Then order your sheet material from We saw everything accurately down to the millimeter, so you can be assured of a great result!

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