Creative coffee tables & block cabinets in your interior, by Steven

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Meet Steven's unique coffee tables and block cabinets

Have you ever thought about making furniture that is not only functional, but also makes a statement in your home? Steven has brought this idea to life with his beautiful, handmade coffee tables and block cupboards.

The craft of making DIY furniture

Precision sawn by, Steven has created a series of furniture pieces with attention to detail that are not only versatile in use, but also a feast for the eyes. Each piece, carefully composed of MDF and plywood, reflects Steven's personal style and craftsmanship.

The Harmony between form and function

The coffee tables, with their clean lines and natural color tones, bring a calm yet modern atmosphere to the room. The block cupboards, painted in a deep black shade, not only provide storage, but also serve as an artistic element in the room.

Why DIY?

By making furniture yourself, you have the freedom to fully customize each piece to your wishes. Sizing, choosing the perfect material and managing the budget; it's all in your hands. Making these pieces yourself offers a unique opportunity to create something that no one else has.

The perfect match for the living room

Placed in the living room, Steven's furniture forms a natural connection with space. The warmth of the wood and the modern look of the block cabinets complement the environment and add a personal touch to the interior.

The finish in style

The finish of the project speaks to the imagination. It is the combination of the minimalist design and functionality that makes these pieces of furniture a focal point in any home. The style of Steven's work can be described as modern with a warm, homely atmosphere.

MDF and plywood: the advantages

MDF blank of 9 and 12 mm offers a smooth surface that is ideal for painting, while also providing strength without the expense of solid wood. Plywood interior poplar of 12 mm is lightweight and has a beautiful, natural appearance, which ensures a durable and at the same time stylish end product.

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How next?

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